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Colleen Marsden

Thank you Kelly for sorting out my skin tags. I should have had them done a long time ago but kept putting it off. You made me feel very comfortable and it was not as bad as I had thought it would be. It's nice to go to a modern and comfortable clinic and also have parking that is off road. (a week ago)

Lorraine Hopkins

I had problems with my feet, and found Kelly's practise on line.  I have had three wonderful treatments. Kelly is a superb chiropodist, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking  for a highly qualified chiropodist in the area. The facilities and equipment are excellent, and the clinic is clean, modem and very comfortable. (6 months ago)

C Carrington

 I walked into Kelly's clinic in so much pain, but I could have jumped for joy on the way out.  Who knew that an ingrowing toe nail could cause so much discomfort & pain.  Whilst I was there, I was also told that I had a verruca, and am now receiving treatment for that. Very professional service/clinic and it's ideal that there is free parking and it's on ground floor level, so no horrible stair's to climb. Which lead me to book an appointment for my elderly father, who find's it very difficult to get about, but this clinic is perfect and the result's are fabulous. (9 months ago)